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Steven F. Zdep, DDS, Steven R. Zdep, DDS, & Scott Shallish, DMD

Dental crowns can be used for a variety of reasons and are a modern technique to replace a damaged, fractured or decayed tooth. Long-lasting and very life-like, dental crowns are used to improve a tooth’s appearance, shape or size. In addition, dental crowns can be used to replace a severely cracked filling, restore a severely fractured or broken tooth, cover a dental implant and to protect a tooth treated with a root canal.

A crown is used to replace what tooth structure is missing and to protect and save the remaining tooth. A dental crown can also be used in conjunction with a bridge—a custom-designed restoration used to replace a missing tooth. Crowns and bridges can work together to restore damaged or missing teeth while protecting the remaining tooth structure.

We use porcelain dental crowns to provide the best natural color match to restore your smile. Smile confidently and restore the function of your teeth with dental crowns and bridges.

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