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Steven F. Zdep, DDS, Steven R. Zdep, DDS, & Scott Shallish, DMD

Your teeth are a very important part of your oral and overall health. Missing teeth can cause speech, eating, cosmetic and self-esteem issues. We have many options to restore your smile, but the most natural and long-lasting solution for a missing tooth is a dental implant. Whether you need one tooth or multiple teeth replaced, dental implants can help restore your smile to its natural health, beauty and function.

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, stabilize a denture and to preserve bone and gum tissue to give you a natural appearance and restore your ability to chew, speak and laugh comfortably.

Shaped to look and function just like a tooth root, dental implants are man-made replacements that bond naturally with the jawbone. You can have a healthy, confident and beautifully restored smile with a long-lasting dental implant.

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