Emergency Dental Care available in Syracuse, NY

Steven F. Zdep, Steven R. Zdep & Scott Shallish

Our doctors realize the importance of emergency dental care and make themselves available during office hours to assist with your emergency care and treatment. Most dental emergencies can be accommodated during office hours on the same day for current and new patients.

Please call our office immediately at (315) 471-6188, if you have any of the following symptoms, which may indicate a dental emergency:

  • Significant tooth pain
  • Broken, chipped or knocked-out tooth
  • A tooth that has lost a filling, crown, or has chipped or broken suddenly

For after-hours emergencies, simply call our office for information on who to contact for your dental emergency.

In addition, we are available to serve as the dental home away from home for LeMoyne College and Syracuse University students. Throughout the years, many parents have entrusted their students’ emergency dental needs to our care.

If you need emergency dentist services, we are here for you. The dental team of My Syracuse Dentist will take excellent care of you.


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